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We Manage Your Money, So You Can Live Your Life

We recognize that while building wealth is hard work, managing it can be just as challenging.  The complexities of the market can be difficult to navigate, leading to stress when going it alone.  Marathon Financial Advisors will be there to help individuals and families through both planned and unplanned situations that arise.  Throughout life’s changes, we will always be prepared to provide steadfast support, guidance and expertise.

We Listen

At Marathon, our first priority is to actively listen to our clients, so we can clearly understand their hopes, concerns and goals.  Taking the time to develop a deep understanding of clients’ wants and needs allows us to develop strategies and solutions that are both appropriate and effective.  Working together, we will tailor a plan that is unique to your needs.

The Planning Process is Fluid

The most brilliant financial plan is of little use if it is not properly implemented and evaluated on an ongoing basis.  We understand that your financial situation is constantly evolving, sometimes to circumstances that are beyond your control.  Investments rise and fall as the stock market fluctuates.  Tax and estate laws change with shifts in politics.  As a result, the planning process must be fluid, and able to adjust to changing circumstance.  We will coordinate with outside advisors such as accountants, attorneys and insurance agents to assure consistent integration of your financial goals.

Benefit From Our Experience

After 30 years in business, we have weathered bull and bear markets while maintaining an unwavering commitment to the financial well being of our clients.  The volatility of the market has taught us that minimizing risk in down markets is just as important is maximizing returns in good markets.  For most clients, we recognize we are responsible for the bulk of their wealth and we take that stewardship very seriously.  Our goal is to manage your assets so that you may live fully and confidently, knowing that we are committed to seeing you thrive both financially and personally.

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