Welcome to Marathon Financial Advisors.  We provide financial planning assistance and disciplined investment management to both individuals and families.  Our goal is to build relationships with each client to ensure we are providing the best possible advice.  While most of our clients are located in the Bay Area, we also manage accounts across the country.  We look forward to helping you achieve you financial goals!

About Our Name

We feel our name is a direct representation of our firm and its values. 

A marathon is a long, 26.3 mile journey, and any marathon runner will tell you that consistency is the key.  If you sprint off the starting line, you are likely to burn out early and not cross the finish line.  Likewise, if you refuse to run and only walk, you are less likely to meet your goal.

Investing is like a marathon.  Taking too much risk can result in pushing you back to the starting line or worse.  However, being too conservative can leave you with too little to retire comfortably.  At Marathon Financial Advisors, we find the appropriate balance to make sure you reach your goals.

Our History

Marathon Financial Advisors was founded in 1982 by Randall Morris and Lynda Johnson pioneers in the field of fee-only financial planning.  They began by providing financial planning and investment management to individuals and small business pension plans.  Together they developed the principles and investment philosophy that continue to serve as the core values of the firm.  Randall retired in 1987, and since then, Lynda has continued to grow the business while maintaining a strong commitment to personalized client service.  Matthew Johnson was hired as an Investment Advisor in 2005, and still serves in that capacity today.

We are very proud of the fact that the firm has never advertised, and that every client has come from a referral.  Today Marathon Financial Advisors manages over $60,000,000 in assets, and continues to provide outstanding financial and investment services to its clients.

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